It's a Minefield Out There!

Don't Get Bullied

Everyone knows that casinos are money machines. It just staggers me when I recount to players the number of ways in which they can be relieved of their money. If it isn't by playing some of the worst games in the house, it is by having their pockets picked or leaving their chips on the table only to discover upon their return that the chips have vanished. I have also heard sad tales of misadventure from players of both sexes who have been relieved of their winnings in the parking garage or restroom. While the stories of victims are legendary, the same conclusion is inevitable: An unsuspecting player and their money are soon parted. That's why I prepare players not only to duke it out with the dealers, I also clue them into the triumphs and tribulations of players who have gone before them. Because when it comes to learning how to make the money machine work for you instead of against you, nothing beats experience.

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