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The casinos would have you believe that counting cards is only slightly less complicated than nuclear physics. The truth is, card counting is actually easier to master than basic strategy. Unlike what you may have heard, anybody who can add and subtract single digits can count cards. The trick is being able to do so in the distraction filled casinos. That's why I developed the world's simplest card counting system ever devised. Blackjack Express has been designed as a system that any weekend warrior can learn to use in 10-hours or less. I will show you how to determine when you have an edge over the house. Then I'll show you how to increase your wagers in a way that will not only keep the pit boss at bay, it will protect your bankroll against negative swings. If you're looking for a system that gives you the edge without making your head hurt, this is the system for you.

You will learn how to:

  • Count cards stress-free
  • Scout for likely targets of opportunity
  • Keep up with even the fastest dealers
  • Keep the pit boss at bay
  • Make sure you NEVER drop a bankroll
  • Get comped for rooms, food and more
  • Make money in the first 2 decks of a shoe
  • Protect your bankroll
  • Turn a consistent profit at the BJ tables

Sneak Peak at Blackjack Express:

I've been counting for better than 2 decades without a hitch. Far from being the mission impossible that the casinos would have you believe, counting down a multiple-deck game, be it 4, 6, or 8 decks, is actually easier than counting a 1-deck game. As a matter of fact, it is a hell of a lot easier. Why? Well, any of you who has ever played a one or a two deck game realizes that those games are down dealt. That means the only card which is exposed is the dealer's up card. Try counting your way out of that!
Typical card counting systems use offsets to count the comeout, which is the time when the dealer gives everyone at the table their first 2 cards. On a full table, this means that instead of making fourteen calculations, you are required to make seven. Now, I'm sorry if I sound lazy, but seven calculations don't seem all that much better than fourteen. It's still way too much adding and subtracting if you ask me. But what if I could show you a way to count the comeout quicker and easier than the hits. Would that make your playing sessions more enjoyable?