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You've memorized basic strategy and have mastered a card counting system. You've been using these skills in local games and have taken the occasional junket to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. While you're making a tidy profit on every trip, you're looking to take the game to the next level. If you/re serious about turning your blackjack hobby into a business, you've come to the right place. Big Game Blackjack was designed to help weekend warriors move up to the big leagues. Aside from showing you advanced counting stategems, this system will introduce you to the world of team play. Everything from professional table spotting techniques, to joint bankroll calculations will enable you and three or more friends to milk the blackjack pits for all they're worth. Also included in this master course are a number of techniques designed to mask your abilities from casino management.

You will learn how to:

  • Employ team technology to multiply your hourly return
  • Use joint bankroll to bet more while risking less
  • Never pay rent when the odds favor the house
  • Create playing personas that beat the heat
  • Adjust your betting dynamically based on win/loss
  • Put 10 times as much money on the table as you do playing solo
  • Identify which casino shifts are the most profitable
  • Make money on the Insurance Bet
  • Turn blackjack into a profitable business

Sneak Peak at Big Game Blackjack:

The best part of playing on a team is that you only play when the shoe favors the player. No more grinding out the rent bets waiting for a plus oount. No more sweating bullets while the pit boss hovers nearby watching you play. With team tech, you only play if and when you want. Win, lose or draw, when the cut card pops up, you disappear like a puff of smoke, ready to play the next table you are signalled into. The pit boss will also show less interest in you since your relative bet spread will only be 1 to 3, as opposed to 1 to 10 when you were forced to sit there grinding out the hands for hours on end.
While there are many types of player personas, there are really only three species of accomplished blackjack player. The first type I'll refer to as "The Good Card Counter." This is the guy who has read all the books and knows every strategy deviation, uses perfect Kelly criterion wagering, flawlessly performs true count conversions to the quarter deck, and keeps a side count of aces on his toes. In fact, this species of player is so good at what he does, that he telegraphs his ability a mile away. In other words, he's proud of being able to play the Uston APC to within 99% tolerance, and he apparently wants everyone else in the casino to know about it as well.